Q. How do you pick your destinations?

A. The trips I offer are 99.5% customer requested and custom designed. You tell me where you want to go and what you want to do.


Q. What does your pricing include?

A. When I publish the cost of a trip, that price will be as inclusive as I can get it. My goal is that if you leave on an “Adventure” trip and do not have a dollar in your pocket, you will have a great time and not starve. Even tips and gratuities are included.


Q. Do you accept tips?

A. Thank you but I would rather not.   I prefer for you to save your money to take another adventure.   The only tips I take are tips on how I can improve the trip experience for you.


Q. What is the Single Supplement?

A. The only difference in the double-occupancy price and the single supplement is the hotel. If you have a hotel room to yourself, you will be paying for that room yourself instead of splitting the cost with a roommate.


Q. What about trip insurance?

A. With the exception of small coach trips, I automatically include it in the pricing.  You do have the option to “opt out” but I prefer that you don’t.   Group insurance pricing is lower than individual pricing and I have the peace of mind that my travelers are taken care of.


Q. How do I pay for a trip?

A. I try to keep my pricing as affordable as possible. Therefore, I do not take credit cards. I accept checks made payable to: Adventures in Travel. For Day trips, I just have people bring a check or cash the day of the trip. It saves my travelers a stamp and envelope.


Q. What if I have to cancel a trip?

A. For day trips and most coach trips, if you cancel, I just mail you a refund check for everything except non-refundable theatre tickets etc.  For international trips or trips involving the airlines, cruise ships or trains, refunds would be per the insurance.


Q. Do you match single people with roommates?

A. It is your vacation and your money so I would never tell you that you need to room with someone. What I will do is this. If there are single people and they tell me they would like a roommate, I will get permission from both parties to share phone numbers. Then you can talk/meet and decide if you would enjoy rooming with that person.