Hello “A” Team

FYI to all of my Travelers – I will be TOTALLY UNAVAILABLE from September 13-21st as I will be in Cuba.

It is the evening of 9/11. No matter how many years pass, the date is still a somber reminder of how fragile life really is and how blessed we are to be free. As I am preparing to go to Cuba, my first time in a Communist country, I am wondering what it will be like. It is not a destination I ever thought about visiting and had no preconceived ideas of what to expect.

I have found out that we can’t drink the water or even brush our teeth in the water. We can’t take cell phones or use internet. We can’t use any credit cards – no ATM’s or anything associated with American banks. I don’t speak much Spanish. There will be no cars newer than the 1950’s models. Needless to say this will be an Adventure with a capital “A” but I always love a good adventure. I have already decided that music and smiles will be the bridge of communication.

Please know that I will be TOTALLY UNAVAILABLE from Sept. 13-21st.
If you have an emergency, Ronald will be at home most of the time.
If it is a non-emergency, I would appreciate you holding all emails until I get back.

I’m sure I will come home with an even greater appreciation for all that I am Blessed to have. Take good care of yourselves and hopefully I will see you soon. And hopefully I will NOT have to experience, “Row, Row, Row your boat.” 🙂